The Top 10 Secrets to Master Prepositions in Hindi and Learning English Easily

The Top 10 Secrets to Master Prepositions in Hindi and Learning English Easily

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Mastering prepositions is a challenge in any language, but it is particularly difficult to transcend from Hindi to English. At, we are dedicated to helping you master this transition smoothly. In this guide, we'll explore prepositions in Hindi and provide you with clear explanations and practical examples to improve your English speaking skills. Welcome on this linguistic journey with us!
Prepositions in Hindi
Prepositions are words that link nouns, pronouns, or phrases to other words in a sentence. They show relationships such as time, location, direction, and more. Since prepositions in Hindi work differently than in English, learners often get confused. Here are common prepositions used in Hindi and their English counterparts:
Hindi Prepositions of Time
से पहले (se pehle) - Before
Example: हम खाना खाने से पहले पढ़ते हैं। (We study before eating dinner.)
Hindi Prepositions of Place
के पास (ke paas) - Near
Example: स्कूल के पास एक पार्क है। (There is a park near the school.)
के ऊपर (ke upar) - Above
Example: किताब टेबल के ऊपर है। (The book is over the table.)

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Issue While Translating Prepositions from Hindi to English
Contextual Differences
A major problem that arises when translating prepositions is the contextual difference between both languages. A preposition in Hindi often doesn't have a perfect one-to-one translation to English due to the context it sets.
Different Usage of Syntax
In Hindi, prepositions generally come after the noun, whereas in English, they come before the noun. This syntactic difference might confuse learners when making sentences.
Efficient Methods to Learn Prepositions
Visual Representations
Visual aids such as charts and diagrams help you better recall the positioning of each preposition. At, our books and blogs are full of pictures that aid your learning process.
Practice with Examples
Use prepositions in your daily speaking. Speaking the sentences out loud, writing them down, and using them immediately in context helps reinforce your learning.
Interactive Exercises
Interactive exercises like quizzes and flashcards are great for learning prepositions. Our website offers many resources for reinforcement.
Resources Available at
At, we provide a comprehensive range of resources to help you on your English learning journey. Our books cover various aspects of the language, including prepositions. Our blogs offer articles, tips, and exercises tailored for Hindi speakers.
Why Choose
Specially Crafted Content: Our books and blogs are created by language professionals who teach English to Hindi speakers every day.
Simple and Clear Style: We aim to be concise and explicit in all our material to ensure it is easily understood.
All Aspects Covered: Our resources span from simple prepositions to complex grammatical structures.
Being proficient in prepositions is essential for mastering English. By learning how to use them correctly in Hindi and practicing regularly, you will improve your language skills. Visit for the latest English books and blogs in Hindi, specifically written for Hindi speakers learning English. Begin your journey today and reach your highest capacity!


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